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Comet update

I spotted the comet!!! It was so dang cool. I had to use binoculars but I spotted it, just above the horizon, just as the sky was getting really good and dark. The tail was a lot bigger than I expected and I got so excited! ha I ran back to the house to get my telescope and by the time I got it all set up, the comet had sank below the horizon and out of sight. I should have had that set up and in place. Lesson learned.

I have been slammed with messages, especially on Facebook, about where to look. You have to look just to the right of were the sun set and about 10 degrees above the horizon. The comet then sinks back below the horizon and is out of sight. The good news is that as we go through the month and into August, the comet will get higher and higher in the evening sky. It may even get brighter and brighter, possibly even visible to the naked eye.

Also, find the Big Dipper and go about three fists down from it. That is the general location of the comet. Again, as we go through the month the comet will get higher in the sky.

Also, if you get up about an hour before sunrise you can still see it in the morning sky. I have my alarm set for 4:15 am. The sky is going to be so clear in the morning that it should be quite visible.

I also saw the ISS fly over. How cool was that? For those of you with a telescope, you can see four of Jupiter’s moons these days. Be sure and look for that.

I hope you all enjoyed the star gazing tonight! The sky sure is pretty.

5 thoughts on “Comet update

  1. The sky was so clear tonight that I think I saw the Milky Way. Was that what I saw? Reb

    1. That’s exactly what you saw, Reb. I looked at it with my telescope and it was so amazing.

  2. I’m guessing it’s a little easier spotting it on the Plateau than it is here in the Valley with it that low. How long after dark should one look?

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    1. About an hour and a half after sunset, Brad. Just have a good clear view of that western horizon.

  3. ok! Awesome. Thanks.

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