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Tropical Storm Hanna forms in the Gulf

The National Hurricane Center has just determined that the tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico has now organized into Tropical Storm Hanna. This determination was made during a recent fly-threw of the storm by Hurricane Hunters.

The system has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. The threshold for becoming a storm is 40 mph or greater winds.

The system is headed for Texas and should make landfall there on Saturday as a strong tropical storm (perhaps a weak hurricane?). Flooding rainfall will be the main threat.

Tropical Storm Hanna is the earliest eight named storm on record. The previous record was in 2005 when Harvey formed on August 3rd. The 2005 season was the most active season on record.


Tropical Storm Gonzalo continues to spin out in the southern Atlantic. That system weakened a bit today and now has winds of 60 mph. Gonzalo is still expected to become the first hurricane of the 2020 season. That system will move into the Caribbean early next week and will be one to watch closely.

Yet another tropical wave has just emerged off the coast of Africa. That system will also have to be watched closely, as models show it developing into a tropical storm by early next week in about the same location of where Gonzalo is now.

There’s much to watch and I’ll be doing just that! I’ll keep you all posted.

Have a good night.

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