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Baldwin’s Saturday Wx Blog for July 25

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

At a Glance

Unavailable today.

48-Hour Weather

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As has been the case the past several days, any storm that develops could become strong to severe. Torrential rainfall, gusty winds, and deadly cloud-to-ground lightning are all possible. Some small hail could also occur in the strongest storms.

Baldwin’s Severe Weather Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Little differs between each day on the seven day outlook. The drier days may be Sunday and Monday, but even then there’s a decent chance for a mainly afternoon shower or storm. Warm and humid conditions are here to stay a while.

Baldwin’s Hay Day Forecast

We’ll be dodging mainly afternoon and evening showers and storms for the next seven days, with perhaps slightly lower chances for the next few days, before those rain chances pick back up next week.

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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 113 at Death Valley, California

Low: 31 at Copper Basin, Idaho


As of this morning, we now have our first hurricane of the 2020 season. Hurricane Hanna is in the western Gulf of Mexico and poised to make landfall in Texas this afternoon. Winds are at 75 mph right now, with some additional strengthening possible.

Much farther out in the Atlantic….we have a struggling Tropical Storm Gonzalo and a new storm is liable to develop sometime this coming week right where Gonzalo is now. Neither system is any threat to the US.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

The main story is the landfall of the season’s first hurricane, Hanna, on the Texas coast this afternoon. Otherwise, heavy rain threatens an area from Colorado to Arizona and New Mexico.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Heavy rain threatens the central plains, while Hanna impacts southern Texas.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

More heavy rainfall for the central plains.



On this day in 1986 hail pounded parts of South Dakota. In Miller and Huron, hail 1.25 inches in diameter fell for 85 minutes! Hail was up to two feet deep on the ground by the time the storm ended.

Look on the bright side, everyone had plenty of ice for their drinks that day! (ha)

Long Range Outlook 

A cooler and wetter pattern continues to evolve for the first days of August.





NASA Nerdology

It’s been a good week at NASA!

Other News

I ran my first virtual half marathon this morning! It sure wasn’t the same without cheering crowds, hydration stations, an excited finish line crowd… But….I DID IT!!! I battled my greatest enemy…dehydration….but I persevered. Finished in 2:10. This was also my first July half marathon and I was reminded many, many, many, many times why I’ve never ran a half marathon in July. Also, when I’m president I will order the immediate extermination of all biting flies. You’re welcome. OH! For those who don’t know, this was the virtual International Space Station (ISS) half marathon. The medal is a very detailed ISS. I LOVE the medal. I’m just glad I’ve now earned it.


You all have a great day!

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