Hurricane Hanna making landfall

Hurricane Hanna is making landfall along the Texas coastline. The storm ended up strengthening into a strong category one hurricane, with winds of 90 mph. Category two hurricanes start at 95 mph. The storm is expected to bring strong winds and flooding rainfall to parts of Texas the rest of today through Sunday.

I captured these two radar images. The one on the left is precip, which is the one you’re accustomed to. The one on the left shows winds. Reds show winds going one way (north to south in this imagery), blues show winds going another way (south to north here). You can see how they switch direction around the eye. Also notice how strong they become. Pretty neat view, right? If given more time over water, Hanna could have strengthened into a much stronger storm.


In other tropical news, Tropical Storm Gonzalo has weakened back into a depression. However, a new system organizing to the west of Gonzalo now looks to organize even more in the coming days and become Tropical Storm Isaias. That will be one to track, as well.


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