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Tuesday Lunch Time Weather Update

First of all, we’ll continue to see the threat of showers and storms around today. Some of those could produce very heavy rainfall. Current radar shows much of the plateau free of rain and storms, though they are popping up nearby!


Speaking of rainfall….it continues to look like we will have some potentially significant rainfall coming our way for Thursday. The most rainfall we’ve ever received in July was in 2015 with 10.3″ at the airport (11.75″ at the UT Experiment Station). So far this month, we’ve officially recorded 4.21″. I could see us picking up 3-6 inches of rain before July ends (some folks may get more than that).

I wouldn’t be surprised if flood watches are issued for Thursday. I picked up 1.31 inches at my house in northern Cumberland County this morning.

We also have an interesting development in the tropics. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is now nearly 100% confident that we will see our ninth named storm of the season by this evening. They’ve gone ahead and started tracking it, as if it were already a storm. Tracking normally doesn’t start until a system is named. However, a new policy of the NHC allows them to start tracking a depression (and calling a “potential cyclone”) if they feel that by the time the storm is named it will be perilously close to land. This gives folks more time to prepare for a storm.

The track is concerning and you’ll note that the current path takes the storm into the US by Sunday morning as a tropical storm. That’s something to watch very closely in the coming days. MUCH can change between now and Sunday. Everyone with interests from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast should monitor this very closely.


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