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Monday Evening trifecta update on the tropics, ISS, and Full Moon

Good evening, everyone!

First of all, Tropical Storm Isaias is now Hurricane Isaias…again. Winds are barely at hurricane speeds (75 mph) but the storm has now formed an eye again. Isaias is expected to make landfall around midnight on the North/South Carolina border.

On a local note…

At 9:16 this evening the International Space Station will flyover! Just look to the northwest sky at that time. The ISS will then move toward the south. It will rise to 25 degrees up into the sky and be visible for two minutes. So, this isn’t the best view but I thought I’d go ahead and tell you, especially since you’ll already be out there looking at that gorgeous Full Moon….right?! (ha)

That Full Moon will rise at about 8:15 and should be an incredible sight to see this evening. Plus, the weather couldn’t be better outside, especially for August. That August Full Moon is often called the “Sturgeon Moon” (after the fish), “Red Moon”, “Green Corn Moon”, and “Grain Moon”. Whatever you call it, that big and bright moon will drench the night sky with light from sunset to sunrise, making this one of the brightest nights of the year.

We have some thunderstorms just east of the plateau this evening that the Full Moon will have to rise up and over before becoming visible. The process of that happening could be a sight to watch. Nothing like a few clouds to make for a beautiful night. You may even see some of those clouds flash with distant lightning.

You all have fun stargazing, looking for the ISS, and admiring that beautiful moon!

Silhouettes of people observing stars in night sky. Astronomy concept.
Silhouettes of people observing stars in night sky. Astronomy concept.

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