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Baldwin’s Thursday Wx Blog for Aug 6

The expert in anything was once a beginner

At a Glance

Unavailable today.

48-Hour Weather

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Widespread hazardous weather is not expected.

Baldwin’s Severe Weather Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: Partly cloudy, with a chance for a shower or storm.

Friday – Saturday: Partly cloudy and hot.

Sunday: Partly cloudy, hot and humid. A chance for an afternoon/evening shower or storm.

Monday – Wednesday: Hot and humid, with chances for mainly afternoon/evening showers or storms.

Baldwin’s Hay Day Forecast

Your hay weather forecast is still looking good! Just be aware that there are slim rain chances, but many of us will stay dry.

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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 115 Death Valley, California

Low: 28 at Peter Sinks, Utah


We’re still watching that bit of a disturbance out in the Atlantic, but the chance for development is still very low.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Heavy rainfall will threaten northern North Carolina and eastern Virginia and Maryland.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Severe storms will threaten the northern plains.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

More severe storms will threaten the northern plains.



On this day in 1890 thunderstorms left four inches of hail covering the ground in Adair and Union Counties in Iowa. The hail drifted into six foot mounds. In some places, the hail remained on the ground for twenty- six days!

Long Range Outlook 

It’s looking warm and wet as he near the middle of August (11th – 15th).





Weather Shot

I shared this on Facebook yesterday but I’ll share here, too. The new outlook for this hurricane isn’t a good one. Let’s hope this does not verify. If it does verify, we’ll run out of alphabet letters for naming again, like we did in 2005. That means we would have to resort to the Greek alphabet again (alpha, beta, etc). Keep in mind that this outlook does not say these storms will make landfall. If they stay out at sea, we’ll be alright. But, if only one bad hurricane makes landfall….that’s all it takes.


NASA Nerdology

The International Space Station does more than just experiments and circle the earth, they also have some pretty cool stuff attached to their spaceship! “As the wildfire rages in Southern California, an Earth-observing instrument aboard the International Space Station was able to measure its heat and dark smoke plume.” This was from August 1, as a wildfire raged in California. Satellites can oftentimes detect remote wildfires before people can report them. This gives firefighters more time, which is so very critical in wildfire fighting.

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You all have a great day!

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