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Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks this Tuesday night! It had looked like clouds would hamper our view, and they will still be a bit of a factor, but I think spotting a few meteors is still possible.

I’ve not made much fuss about this particular shower for reasons concerning weather and the moon. Yeah, the moon will be coming up at about the time the meteors would be most likely. That will really cut down on the  number of meteors you see (this has been the primary factor in me not saying much).

Normally, with the Perseids you’d see 60-90 meteors an hour. Tonight, at best, I would look for 20-30. Clouds may keep that number closer to 20.


There is good news! The Perseids are knows for creating fireballs. They streak across the sky with the brightness of Jupiter (the bright “star” you see in the evening sky these days). Those streaks can last a couple seconds or so, as they trail across the sky. They’re often very few and far between, but it’s not out of the question that you would see one.

The diagram below shows where to look for meteors. The best time to look is after midnight. Happy star gazing!


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