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Tornado Watch until 7:00 pm

The Storm Prediction Center has gone ahead and issued a tornado watch until 7:00 for the plateau. Strong to severe storms are possible this evening. With the spin in the atmosphere from the remnants of Laura, one or two of these storms could produce a brief tornado.

I’ll keep an eye on things. The threat should hold off until after 3:00 pm, though a strong storm or two is possible ahead of the line, just as we’re seeing in southwest Cumberland County now.

On the image below, the line of storms responsible for this watch is circled. A storm ahead of the line shows up in southwest Cumberland County. That storm is not strong or severe at this time.

1 thought on “Tornado Watch until 7:00 pm

  1. Thanks for keeping us warned Mark! I am thinking the worst will go just north of us. But always subject to change!

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