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4:00 pm Saturday Wx Update on Storms

WHAT: Strong, to locally severe, storms

WHEN: Storms should be moving across the plateau between 5:00-7:00 pm.

Thus far, storms have had a history of producing pea-sized hail and wind gusts to 50 mph.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) just issued a statement for our area, saying they do not plan to issue any severe weather watches for our area this evening. They do advise us to be a bit weather aware, as any storm that develops could be locally severe, with a damaging wind gust. Storms could also contain a lot of lightning and very heavy rainfall. Pictured below is the graphic with the discussion the SPC issued.

Radar shows a line of storms sagging southward at this hour (3:45 radar image). Occasionally, one or two of these become severe. Storms are moving at about 15-20 mph.

My level of concern is unchanged from the last update and is still on the low end of the scale.

And we remain the marginal risk for severe weather, issued by the SPC. This is the lowest of the severe weather risk categories.

So, just be a bit weather aware this evening. This is not a widespread severe weather event, by any means, but any storm that comes into your area could become locally severe, with a damaging wind gust. If you have plans to be outside this evening, just keep an eye to the sky and a look at the radar from time to time.

You all have a great evening!

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