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Tuesday 11:25 am Tropical Update: Nana forms

Hurricane Hunters have just found that the depression that is in the Caribbean has now developed into a tropical storm. That storm is named Nana. Maximum sustained winds are at 50 mph, with higher gusts. That system has strengthened rather quickly. Storms usually just have 40 mph winds when named. Nana is now expected to become a hurricane before making landfall near Belize and Honduras tomorrow night through Thursday morning. Thankfully, this system is no threat to the US mainland.

It was believed that the system off the Carolina coast would be named first, but this system in the Caribbean quickly strengthened this morning and beat that system to getting named first.

Nana certainly looks like a healthy tropical storm on visible satellite at this hour. Keep the folks in the storms path close to your hearts. Many of those areas are impoverished and any storm there is often a humanitarian disaster.

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