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Baldwin’s Labor Day Wx Blog for Sept. 7

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At a Glance

48-Hour Weather


Hazardous weather is not expected this week.

Baldwin’s Severe Weather Concern

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

Daily Forecast

Today & Tomorrow: Warm, with low humidity. Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Pleasant.

Wednesday: Continues partly cloudy, with a bit more humidity. Still, rather pleasant.

Thursday – Friday: Partly cloudy, with just a chance for an afternoon/evening shower or storm.

Saturday – Sunday: Partly cloudy, with a chance for a mainly afternoon/evening shower or storm.

Baldwin’s Hay Day Forecast

We couldn’t ask for a better start to a September week! Rain chances look to hold off now until the weekend, and even that’s not looking too impressive at this point.


Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 123 at Death Valley, California

Low: 27 at Grand Lake, Colorado


We now have tropical depressions numbers 17 and 18 out in the eastern Atlantic. They are still expected to stay out to sea (that’s called being a “fish storm”) but we have many days to track them and make sure that’s what they do. Another disturbance is about to come off the coast of Africa (orange-shaded region) that will need to be watched closely. And while the disturbance near Bermuda (yellow-shaded region east of the Carolinas) has a very low chance of development, we still have to keep an eye on that, too. The tropics are indeed very active, but we have no immediate threats to the US.

Today’s Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Unsettled weather covers much of the Midwest today, but hazardous weather is not expected there. Notice all that blue-shaded region out west. That’s mixed wintry precipitation. Some of that snow will accumulate in the higher elevations. The gray-shaded regions are wildfire danger risk areas, where dry and windy conditions will persist.

Tomorrow’s Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A frontal boundary will bring the risk of heavy rainfall from Texas to Wisconsin. Notice the snow out west slipping even farther south. Some areas are on tap to record their earliest snowfall on record. Even Denver could see snow, after being 100 degrees this weekend!

On This Day

On this day in 1970 a lightning bolt struck a group of football players at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. Two people are killed and 22 others are injured. All 38 players and four coaches were instantly knocked off their feet.

Long Range Outlook 

Cooler and drier weather begins invading the country by the middle of the month. This outlook is for the 12th through the 17th. We’re right on the eastern edge of that, which likely means we have more pleasant September weather coming our way.



Weather Shot

I took this picture Saturday morning. Notice that clear trail through the Cirrus clouds? That is the result of a jet plane flying through those clouds. Those clouds are made up of tiny, super-cooled water droplets. Those droplets are well below freezing but haven’t frozen yet because they don’t have a nuclei to freeze around. Water can remain super-cooled to -40 degrees without a nucleus to freeze around. (We see water do that here at the surface, too. Some rivers have water that is well below freezing but the flowing motion keeps it moving and unfrozen.) In the case of these clouds in my picture, when a plane flies through these super-cooled droplets, the wind expands around the plane’s wings, cooling the air enough to cause the droplets to become solid. When they do that, they are heavy enough to fall, leaving behind a clear sky in the middle of the droplets. Pretty cool, right? (no pun intended. ha)

NASA Nerdology

The most powerful rocket booster ever built for flight has been tested! This sucker will take us to the moon again and may even take us to Mars. It’s impressive and I cannot wait to see her fly someday! But, there’s still plenty of testing left to do to make sure everything is safe. This is called the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. Watch the short video to learn even more! Be a part of humanity’s next great big step!

You all have a great day!

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