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4:15 Friday: Tropical Storm Beta forms in the Gulf

You may be wondering what happened with Alpha? That name went to a storm making landfall in Portugal this afternoon. A bit of an odd twist to an odd season, I suppose.

Tropical Storm Beta is a quirky one. We’re just not exactly sure where that storm will go. Stay tuned.

I just realized that the Greek alphabet letters are not male or female (ha). It’s also interesting to note that a Greek lettered storm can’t be retired, should that be an issue. An interesting season is posing some interesting problems. A storm’s name is retired if it causes incredible destruction.

The good news is that Beta is just slowly meandering around, so we have time to monitor the storm. The National Hurricane Center advises coastal residents of Texas and Louisiana to closely monitor this storm over the coming days.

Pictured below is the 3-day track forecast for Beta. A swing to the north is possible after that last point. Beta is expected to become a hurricane Sunday night. I’ll keep an eye on it! It’s far too early to know if this system will impact our area. If it does, that wouldn’t happen until next weekend or so.

Pictured below is powerful Hurricane Teddy out in the Pacific. I caught this imagery a few moments ago. Notice darkness quickly approaching Teddy. I hope he’s not afraid of the dark! (ha) Seriously, he’s been very impressive on satellite all day.

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