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The Moon and exciting news

First of all, you need to step outside and check out that beautiful moon coming up in the eastern sky. It’s quite the sight!

Second, tonight begins a new chapter in the Meteorologist Mark blogging book. A new digital advertising package that I have purchased with the Herald Citizen in Cookeville kicks off! This will expand my reach westward to Cookeville. This should take my website here to a whole new level and I am so very excited (and nervous!) about this new endeavor. I have been promised as many as 50,000 new hits a month to the site! We’ll find out soon enough. This ad campaign runs through December 31st.

I’m so excited about reaching out to the Cookeville market. There truly is a need for more focused weather forecasting for that area. Plus, the weather there often moves toward us, so it’s a win for you too!

It is unlikely that you will notice any big changes with the blog in the coming months, but you will notice that things may be in a bit of a different order in tomorrow’s blog. I’m always working to make the blog the best I can make it to be.

If you ever have any suggestions on anything you would like to see added just let me know! If you really like something but it disappears just tell me and I’ll bring it back. I want this to be the best for you and that will make it the best for me.

I pour my heart and soul into this site and I hope that shows. Cheers to bigger and better things ahead!

You all have a wonderful evening! And don’t forget to check out that moon.

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