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Hurricane Delta Forms

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has determined that Tropical Storm Delta now has winds of 75 mph, making the storm a hurricane. The storm has rapidly intensified today from a low-end tropical storm to a low-end hurricane. Strengthening continues.

Delta is now expected to become a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, as it moves north toward the Louisiana and/or Mississippi coastline. The NHC emphasizes that uncertainty is still a bit high in exactly where Delta will hit. Unfortunately, they are very certain that a US landfall is likely and that Delta will be a strong hurricane.

It also continues to look like Delta will impact our weekend weather. There is the potential for heavy rainfall, very gusty winds, and even some severe weather in our area. It just depends on the exact track of the storm. I’ll be keeping track of it all!

Pictured below is the current forecast track for Delta. The storm is moving over very warm waters and atmospheric conditions that encourage much more strengthening.

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