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Tropical Storm Epsilon forms in the Atlantic

We are now working our way through the Greek alphabet letters and are now up to Epsilon. If we get one more named storm this year, which is highly likely, we will tie the 2005 season for most named storms on record. I’m betting we break the record, especially since hurricane season doesn’t even end until November 30. In 2005, storms were still being named into December!

The track of Epsilon keeps the storm at sea and away from the US. The storm does seem to be aiming for Bermuda. That small island chain sure is a magnet for storms! Epsilon is expected to be a hurricane by Wednesday.

The storm shows up in the middle of the imagery below, about halfway between Florida and Africa. Sure is a beautiful view of the ocean….

You all take care! I’ll keep you posted on the tropics and anything else you need to know weather-wise!

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