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Wednesday Weather Update

Make sure you take your umbrella or rain jacket to work tomorrow. You’ll need it by the time you get off work. Some showers will develop overnight tonight, but rain will increase in coverage and intensity as we go through the day Wednesday. Some of that rainfall will be heavy.

It still looks like all of the plateau will all see 1- 2 inches of rain, with some locations getting up to 3 (maybe 4?) inches of rain. The combination of the remnants of Zeta, along with an incoming storm system from the west, will lead to this rainfall. The good news is that severe thunderstorms are not expected.

Winds will also pick up as we go through the day, gusting to 20 mph overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Both winds and rains will subside as we go through the day Thursday. By Thursday evening we should be left with just mostly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures.

By Friday night, we will likely be dealing with more scattered frost. After a bit of a warmer Saturday night, we will likely be dealing with widespread frost for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.

The latest rainfall map shows the general spread of rainfall across the country in the coming days. As you can see, at least a couple inches of rain is expected for our area.

I’ll keep an eye on it all tomorrow. Again, severe t-storms are not expected. In addition, flooding is not expected to be a problem either, as the rain should fall over a long enough period of time to keep that from being much of a problem. That’s not to say some localized flooding can’t occur during heavier downpours.

Again, I’ll monitor everything closely and I’ll a full update in the morning with all the latest data.

You all have a good evening.

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