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Ring around the Moon

Step outside and check out the big ring around the moon! The ring is the result of increasing moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere, ahead of our big cold front coming tomorrow. The light of the moon reflects off the ice crystals, forming a ring around the moon.

In other news, the National Hurricane Center just named the depression in the Caribbean. It is now Tropical Storm Eta. This means the 2020 season now ties the 2005 season for number of named storms. You’ve read me write that Eta would have made this season the most active ever. That isn’t true. In 2005, there was another storm but it wasn’t named until post-storm analysis showed that it should have been named. Therefore, there was a 28th storm in 2005, but it wasn’t named. This is now the first time Eta has been used during a storm. Yeah, meteorology can be messy. ha

You all have a good evening and don’t forget to check out that big ring around the moon! It really is very pretty. It is far prettier than the picture I took with my phone.

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