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Tropical Storm Iota forms in the Caribbean

For the first time in history, we have Tropical Storm Iota. The system is located in the Caribbean. Over the coming days, the storm is expected to rapidly intensity, possibly achieving “major” hurricane statues before making landfall in Central America.

This is the 30th named storm of the record-breaking and historic 2020 Hurricane Season. The average for an entire season is 12. Hurricane season officially ends November 30th, though it’s unclear if Ma Nature will abide by our seasonal calendar this year.

The storm is expected to impact areas still recovering from the devastating landfall of Hurricane Eta just two weeks ago.

Right now, the forecast is for winds to be at 120 mph at landfall in about 72 hours. There are indications that those wind speeds could be too conservative.

After the storm moves into Central America it should dissipate there. After Eta pulled the stunt it did in this same area, we’re a little bit leery of these systems. I’ll keep you posted.

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