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Good news about today’s storm potential (issued Wed at 10:50am)

The threat for severe storms is decreasing for this evening. The threat was always low, but it is now even lower (per latest data coming in).

The Storm Prediction Center has just dropped us from the marginal risk. We are now just in the general t-storm risk category. Never the less, any storm that can develop along the front this evening could still produce a strong wind gust.

I’ll keep an eye on things, just in case something changes again, but I’m feeling more and more confident that the clouds and showers we have now will really help stabilize the atmosphere today and keep us safe. Plus, as I’ve stated in previous blog posts, the better instability is to our north, while the better “spin” for rotating storms is to our south. That leaves us in the middle and that often means we just get rain and thundershowers.

Look for showers and thundershowers to continue for much of the day. Activity should increase a bit late this evening, when the cold front arrives.

We also have the wind advisory in place, for wind gusts to 45 mph. That expires at noon but gusty winds will likely continue into the afternoon.

I’ll update again, if needed. Unlike a toddler, if I’m quiet things are usually alright (ha).

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