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Sunday Night Wx Update

Some of you may have seen that parts of the Smokies are now under a winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow. That is for elevations above 3,500 feet. As must as 3-5 inches of snow may fall there.

So, some of you have wondered what that means for us. Well, it still means we’ll just see some snow flurries. I don’t expect any accumulation. I pulled up a satellite image to better explain this reasoning.

The imagery below is upper-level water vapor imagery. As you can see, moisture is more pronounced to the east of us (whiter shading). I used the red arrows to show the direction of motion of that moisture. The best moisture will stay east of the plateau tonight. Colder air moving in later tonight and tomorrow will squeeze that moisture out of the air in the form of snow flurries for us. Farther east, where moisture is deeper, more moisture will fall in the form of light snow. The darker colors to our west is even drier air and it is moving eastward.

So, our forecast is still on track for snow flurries and I’m still not expecting any of it to accumulate. As you can see on the image above, we have some moisture in our atmosphere but it sure is limited.

Monday will be cold, with highs in the 30s, under mostly cloudy skies. But, for those of you who like warmer days, a warming trend begins Wednesday, with highs getting to at least 50 degrees again.

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