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Northern Lights…don’t look too hard

I wondered when you all would start asking and…wow…the questions are rolling in tonight! (ha)

First of all, you all know good and well that I’d be jumping up and down if I knew we’d see the Northern Lights from the plateau! (haha) Truth is, we can (though very rarely) see those lights from here. I’ve seen them from here but it’s probably been 20 years ago. They looked like a faint reddish, ghostly glow on the northern horizon.

Fyi, several people on Twitter have asked other meteorologists which direction to look to see the Northern Lights……. Bless their hearts. lol

So, predicting this kind of phenomena is extremely difficult. If you think weather forecasting here on Earth is tough, try forecasting space weather!

As expected, tonight’s solar storm is far weaker than expected. I’m not even sure they’ll see Northern Lights across the northern plains, much less all the way down here.

I’ll always keep an out for things like this for ya. If it’s legit, you’ll hear it here first!

You all have a good evening!

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