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Afternoon Winter Wx Update (Christmas Eve)

Temps are plummeting and snowflakes are falling. I currently have light snow and 26 degrees (10 mi north of Crossville). That wind will cut right through you!

If you have plans to be out and about be sure and be very careful. You’ll need to worry about slick spots on the roads from now through Christmas morning. Be especially careful on those bridges and overpasses. If you have troubles the dangerous wind chills will be a problem too.

Make sure you’re ready for temps in the 10-15 degree range tonight. Get those outdoor fur babies taken care of, with a dry and wind-free shelter.

Total snowfall accumulation forecasting is especially tricky with this forecast because the snow is coming in the form of scattered snow showers. If you get more snow showers you get more snow. If you get fewer snow showers you get less. I think all of us will get a good coating of snow by Christmas morning, with amounts of one half to one inch being common. Those of you who end up underneath more snow showers than the rest of us could get as much as two inches.

So, just be safe if you’re out and about. I’ll give another update later this evening.

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