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The first tornado of 2021 touches down in Georgia

Ma Nature has wasted no time in producing the first tornado of 2021. This storm is located about 60 miles southeast of Atlanta. According to initial reports, the twister trekked mostly through rural, forested land.

The tornado showed up on Doppler this afternoon, and it was evident that this was a powerful supercell. With Doppler radar, we can “see” the winds within a storm and detect evidence of tornadic activity. In the picture below, the image on the left shows winds blowing toward (green) and away (red) from the radar site. The tighter than rotation, the more likely a tornado is occurring.

The image on the right show debris being detected by the radar. When debris is lofted into the air the radar beam detects something that doesn’t quite fit the algorithm for precipitation. It then shades that material a different color, as you can see in the imagery.

Thankfully, we have nothing but clouds and showers to worry about on the plateau today. We’ll then see cooler air move in tonight.

You all have a good evening!

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