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Monday Snow Chances

I mentioned in this morning’s blog that Monday’s weather was something to keep an eye on and I continue to say that tonight. If you have travel plans for Monday through Tuesday you’ll need to pay attention to the weather. I know a lot of folks may step away from the weather and news on the weekends but you’ll need to pay attention if adverse weather on Monday will affect your travel plans.

If current trends continue, I’ll be increasing my confidence for snow in tomorrow morning’s blog. I still think this will be a light event but with this being a Gulf low it continues to bear watching. At this time, it looks like the low will be a bit on the weaker side and move a bit too far south to give us substantial accumulation. Both parts of that forecast could change.

The timing for this looks to be in the Monday afternoon to Monday night timeframe. I’ll have to watch that timing, as well.

This may turn out to be a very similar event to what we just had. Just an FYI.

If the track moves closer to us, or if the low strengthens more than current data suggests, then we would be looking at more snowfall. If trends go the other way we’d be looking at no snow.

This morning, I would have placed our chances for accumulating snow on Monday at about 30%. Now, I would put that chance at about 50%.

Just giving you all a heads up. As always, I’ll be watching it all very closely and I’ll pass along anything I think you should know about!

Just another FYI…there’s no shame in doing a snow dance.

You all have a warm, pleasant evening!

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