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Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Blog for Mon., Jan 11


Light snow Today

Milder by mid-week

Another cold front arrives Friday

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

48-Hour WX

Seven-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary

Today: Areas of light snow.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and chilly.

Wednesday – Thursday: Mostly sunny and milder.

Friday: Mostly cloudy. Turning colder.

Saturday & Sunday: Partly cloudy and cold.

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Thoughts (New!)

A heavier snow band developed across the north end of Cumberland County and southern Fentress county, giving some of us more snow than others. The forecast is for one half inch or less, but some of us are going to have at least an inch. These southern systems are always worth keeping a close eye on but this one is a bit of an odd one. It brought snow to areas of the southern plains and Deep South that haven’t seen snow in years.

Wx Threats for the Next 7 Days

Look for some light snow across the area today, with accumulation possible for many of us. Those accumulations should stay under one inch, though isolated areas will see more. Be careful if you’re out and about.

Meteorologist Mark’s Snow Scale

On This Day in Wx History

2008 – Iraqis in Baghdad woke up to the novelty of falling snowflakes, as the city experienced its first snowfall in about 100 years!


Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High: 77° at San Diego, California  

Low: -29° at Peter Sinks Utah

Today’s National Wx Hazards

Rain and snow will fall across the Southeast today, with heavier snows falling across the Great Lakes region and northern New England. A new storm system bring smore snow to the Pacific Northwest.

Tomorrow’s National Wx Hazards

Flooding rains are expected on the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest, as a powerful storm system moves in. That system will also bring heavy snows to the mountains of that region.

 Weather Shots

I took this picture this morning, as the snow was really coming down. A heavier snow band has set up across the north end of the county, giving us quite a beautiful snow! I’m at one inch at 9:00 a.m.

NASA Nerdology 

In January of 1968, Surveyor 7 launched enroute to the lunar highlands. This was the final mission of the Surveyor Program in which robotic spacecraft gathered data about the lunar surface for the Apollo missions. Seen here is Surveyor 3, visited by Apollo 12 Commander Pete Conrad.

You all have a great day!

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