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Monday Lunch Time Winter Wx Update

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Well, it’s feast or famine around the region this morning when it comes to snow. Some of us have 1.5 inches of snow (or more) and others have flurries. Such is winter weather on this plateau! A winter weather advisory was never issued by the NWS, owing to the isolated nature of the wintry weather issues.

A narrow band of moisture developed this morning and meandered around the north end of the county, as well as southern Fentress County. It’s those of us in this region that have seen 1-2 inches of snow. There could be isolated locations that picked up more than that. Those snowflakes were huge!

Temperatures are now climbing above freezing and that will lead to improving road conditions. The rest of the day will feature cloudy skies, with flurries/sprinkles/snow showers. Additional accumulation during the daylight hours will be very minimal, if any. If some of the snow can continue falling after dark, there could be some additional accumulation.

More than likely, what you have right now is the most snow you’re going to have all day.

I took these pictures this morning.

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