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Winter Wx Update (issued Thurs evening)

I wanted to pass along some new information concerning our winter weather threat over the next 48 hours. First of all, confidence continues to increase for snow for Friday night and Saturday. For many of us, that snow should accumulate to around one inch, with some areas picking up 2 inches, if not more. This is what we call a “Northwest flow” event, meaning cold, moist northwest winds hit the plateau and cause orographic snowfall. Therefore, areas along the western edges of the plateau tend to get more (ie. Mayland, Monterey, etc.). If more moisture comes with that wind, snow totals could be adjusted upward to forecast around two inches for all of us, with locally higher amounts. That is certainly a possibility. These snow tend to be very “dry” snows (ie. powdery).

The snow scale reflects my thoughts.

We have some precip coming tonight but it should be very light and temps should stay right around freezing. I don’t anticipate any problems but keep this in mind if you have early morning travel plans. If that temp drops any more or we get a bit more precip, there could be a slick spot or two.

The main wintry weather threat comes Friday night. I would plan on being home by dark, just to be safe. Saturday is looking very cold and wintry!

I took this pic of the sunset this evening with no filters (I never use filters). It was beautiful, to say the least.

You all have a good evening! I’ll have a full blog update in the morning!

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