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Snow Showers Friday Night & Saturday

WHAT: Snow Showers

HOW MUCH: 1-2 inches areawide, with isolated higher amounts

WHEN: Tonight and tomorrow

Some of you all have seen some impressive snow showers later this afternoon. Those were the result of really cold temperatures aloft. As “warmer” air here at the surface rose up into that colder air, clouds formed and some potent snow showers fell from those clouds. It’s just like what happens in the summer, with hit or miss showers, except these showers were in the frozen form.

Look for more snow showers to develop overnight, as an upper-level low spins overhead. Some of these snow showers will come down quite heavily. Because these are scattered snow showers, snowfall amounts will vary across the region. Some of you may see just a half inch or so and some of you could see a few inches of snow. The greatest chance for accumulation will be found along the western edges of the plateau (ie. Mayland, Monterey) and the areas with the least chance can be found on the eastern edge (ie Crab Orchard).

I’ve noticed another area of heavier snow shower in the Nashville area. Those should be here within the next couple of hours. More snow showers will develop later in the night and tomorrow.

Be careful if you must be out and about tonight or tomorrow.

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