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All Clear (11:45 pm)

Need I say more? (ha)

What’s left of our storms have weakened dramatically and are pushing east. Still, you may hear some thunder and pick up a bit more rain across mainly the southern end of Cumberland County.

There are no warnings and there haven’t been any warnings in TN for at least a couple of hours now.

Don’t forget to get a weather radio before the big spring storms get here! It looks like we’re off to a rowdy start already. This is the one I highly recommend. They usually have them at Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon. They commonly sell for about $30.

You all have a good night’s sleep!

I’ll have a full blog update in the morning!

2 thoughts on “All Clear (11:45 pm)

  1. Is that radio the Midland WR-120?

    1. It sure is, Betsy. It’s a good one!

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