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Severe Wx Update (Issued at 7:55 pm)

Storms have been behaving themselves, for the most part, as they move across Middle Tennessee this evening. A few severe weather reports have been made but most of the storms are staying below severe limits. I did see a report of large hail near Murfreesboro earlier.

I just heard my first thunder of 2021 just a few moments ago. It’s been a while since we’ve heard those distant rumbles! We’ll certainly hear more thunder as we go through the evening.

We’ll be mindful of storms for the next couple of hours. It still looks like the greatest severe weather risk is off to our southwest. I still can’t rule out an isolated strong to severe storm on the plateau through about 10:00.

Earlier today, I noted a band of rain that had set up along I-40 and I took a screen shot of the radar. These boundaries are something a meteorologist cannot ignore, especially during severe weather season. We’re not quite to that season yet but I wanted to grab that screenshot and compare it to this evening’s activity. Sure enough, the rain and storms are favoring that same boundary from earlier today. Pretty neat, right?

The top image is from earlier today and the bottom image is right now. We’ll watch such boundaries very closely when severe weather season ramps up this spring.

I’ll update again when the threat has ended, or as needed. Again, this is a low-end threat but it’s not zero. The main risk is a damaging wind gust and some small hail. The threat should end by about 10:00.

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