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Wed Evening Snow Update (6:45)

Well, while the snow lasted the snowflakes were huge! Those were honestly some of the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen. Imagine if those had continued for any longer!

The bad news for us snow lovers is that the temp stopped dropping just short of the freezing mark. I’m at 33 degrees right now and all my snow has melted.

The NWS Nashville is discussing dropping our snow advisory, so look for that to be dropped soon.

For the remainder of the night, we could still see snow showers and/or snow flurries. That could add up to a dusting or so.

It had looked like northwest winds could boost our snow chances overnight but forecasting these events is very challenging. That’s why confidence was never high on the snow scale. It now looks like we will still get precip from northwest flow snow, but it’s just too weak to amount to much.

Never the less, some of us may wake up to a dusting of snow or so. Be careful if you’re out and about early in the morning, just in case you encounter a slick spot or two.

You all have a good night!

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