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Wednesday Lunchtime Winter Wx Update

Radar shows a mix of rain and snow moving through West Tennessee at this noon hour. That activity will continue moving eastward, with much of it arriving on the plateau between 2:00-4:00 pm. The precip will begin as a mix of rain and snow and then transition to snow.

The radar image below shows the precip in West TN, as well as current temperatures across the region. Notice that we’re the warmest place in Middle TN, as the cold air has yet to arrive here. The plateau is highlighted in a winter weather advisory that begins at 3:00, though snow will likely not accumulate until around sunset or so.

Precipitation will likely become more enhanced when it encounters the plateau. In addition, northwest winds will likely encourage additional snow showers through much of the night. So, what you see coming on radar now isn’t exactly all that’s coming.

I’ll keep a close eye on things. My thinking for the snow scale is unchanged from this morning. Many of us will see the lighter amounts, it seems, while a few of you will get a bit more (as usual). For those of you wanting snow, hopefully the warmer and wetter ground won’t destroy too many of the flakes when they hit hit later today. If the snow scale where to change later on today I would expect adjustments that would mean less now, rather than more. I’ll update again later this afternoon.

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