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Winter Wx Update Issued Thursday Evening

I know many of you are hoping for some more snow tonight. Well, if you’re wanting that snow to get you out of school you’re liable to be disappointed. But look on the bright side, at least you got two snow days this week!

I guess you could say the chance isn’t zero, but it’s not lookin’ good, teachers and students.

There’s just really not that much moisture. We have cold air, that’s for sure, but we need more moisture. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the rain falls with some sleet and snowflakes mixed in. And there’s still a chance some of you might get as much as a dusting or so, and some of you may even approach 1/4 inch, but that will likely be a rare and very isolated occurrence.

I am still confident some flakes will fall and I’m still confident that many of us might see a dusting.

I’ll keep tracking it all as it moves across the state this evening and tonight. I’ll let you know if anything drastic changes. There are currently no winter weather advisories in effect and I don’t expect any to be issued.

I will say this… the middle of next week we have an arctic air mass invading the region. This is the arctic air I originally thought would be here Monday. With this arctic air in place, and an active subtropical jetstream to our south, we may have a legit shot at a decent snow. It’s too far out to say for sure, of course, but the long-range outlook into the end of next week has some of us raising our eyebrows. We shall see!

The best way to track it all is to keep coming back to! I’ll be here through it all!

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