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Friday Evening Winter Weather Update

An area of low pressure will form in the Gulf and combine with favorable atmospheric dynamics to give us one of our best shots at light snow that we’ve seen this season. Cold air is in place and will be reinforced by the position of the low pressure system. As a result, 1-2 inches of snow should be common across the plateau. Out of fashion with previous times I’ve forecast snow, I would lean more toward getting closer to the two-inch mark, rather than the one.

It is not out of the question that snow amounts could be bumped upward. In fact, as with all snow events, a few of you will get more than the rest of us. That means some of you will see closer to three inches. This is the closest I’ve come to forecasting 2-4 inches of snow this season and I still can’t rule out that possibility in tomorrow’s forecast. It just depends on what evolves overnight and in the morning with the newest data. I would also look for my confidence to increase.

Precip could start just before sunset, with the bulk of the wintry threat coming just after sunset. I can fine tune timing tomorrow. I’d just plan on being home by dark if you want to avoid any travel issues.

I’m still monitoring next week, as well. It continues to look colder by midweek, with snow and/or ice chances through Friday. I’ll keep you posted.

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