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Saturday Night Winter Wx Update (9:00 pm)

The winter weather advisory is now in effect. That will last through Sunday morning.

Radar is certainly getting active! There is plenty of precip showing up to our west and will be moving our way. Snow should begin by midnight all across the plateau, with some areas seeing some precip up to a couple of hours sooner.

Confidence continues to increase for accumulating snowfall. This has the potential to be the deepest snow we’ve seen this season and perhaps the best widespread snowfall we’ve seen in some time.

Our temps are in the mid to upper 30s areawide. Our air is dry and the dewpoint, the temperature at which saturation occurs, is in the 20s. This means that when precip begins and the air cools, temps will likely fall into the lower 30s, allowing snow to quickly accumulate. This will be a wet snow, meaning it will be good for snowballs and should lay pretty on the trees. I can’t wait to get some pictures!

I have now bumped by forecast accumulation on upward, as I said I might in previous updates. It now looks like widespread 3 inch amounts across the plateau, with some of us getting four inches or more. This puts us very close to winter storm criteria and an upgrade to a winter storm warning is possible. You all better remember that I was first to forecast 2-3 inches of snow, even while others said 1-2 inches! haha If it doesn’t snow that much just forget that happened. Ha!

My pastor requested a church closing scale, like I do for the schools (ha). You best not be getting excited at this scale, ya hear? lol

You all take care. I’ll keep an eye on things. I’ll let you know if any upgrades to our advisory are officially issued. Meanwhile, get ready for a pretty good snow!

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