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Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Blog for Mon., Feb. 8


A mild week, for the most part

Rain returns mid-week

Delayed arctic blast looking less arctic

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

48-Hour WX

Five-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary

Today: Skies should stay mostly sunny, as the melting of the snow commences.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy and mild.

Wednesday: A chance for showers.

Thursday: Showers likely. Possibly mixed with or changing to some light snow overnight. Little to no accumulation expected at this time.

Friday: Mostly cloudy and colder.

48-Hour Precip Forecast

Appreciable precipitation is not expected over the next 48 hours.

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

At this time, hazardous weather is not expected this week. I may add a concern for snow for Thursday night in future forecasts, but for now that threat looks extremely low, if even there at all.

Meteorologist Mark’s Snow Day Forecast

I’d be ready to go to school on Tuesday. We should see a lot of melting today. With temps staying above freezing overnight, refreezing shouldn’t be an issue. Still, I suppose you can hope for a delay!

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Discussion

I’ve had my big snow of the year and I’m now ready for spring! How about you?

We should see a lot of this snow melt today, as temps warm quite nicely. I’m watching that temp rise pretty quickly as I type this. Refreezing is unlikely tonight, as temps stay above freezing, so melting should continue. That does not bode well for those hoping for another snow day! ha

The “arctic blast” that we’ve been watching so closely for this week is looking less arctic for our region. It just wants to pool up to our north and just send us little pieces of itself as we go from Friday into early next week. Now, it’s not out of the question that we could see moisture and a shot of that cold air meet at any time during that period, so I’m keeping a close eye on that.

On This Day in Wx History

1835 – A severe cold wave gripped the southeastern U.S. The mercury dipped to 8 above at Jacksonville FL, and to zero at Savannah GA. Orange trees were killed to the roots.


Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High: 87° at Atlantic, Fort Lauderdale, & Pompano Beach, Florida 

Low: -37° at Mission Creek, Minnesota

Today’s National Wx Hazards

Mixed wintry precip stretches from Oklahoma to western Kentucky. A large swatch of snow can be found to the north of that, stretching from portions of the central plains to New England. Another area of snowfall can be found across the northern Rockies. A wildfire danger can be found across portions of eastern New Mexico.

Tomorrow’s National Wx Hazards

More mixed wintry precip can be found once again from Oklahoma to Kentucky (close call for us, but we’ll be missed). Snow can be found from Missouri to New England, and again back over the Rockies.

 Weather Shots

That blue sky against all that snow is just breathtaking this morning! I have SO many pictures. Later, I may make a special blog post to share some of the better ones I’ve taken.

NASA Nerdology 

In honor of the Super Bowl ( I shamelessly missed it! ha), NASA decided to show the size comparison of the International Space Station to the size of the football field. This is, by far, the coolest part of the Super Bowl, in my opinion. haha

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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