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Final winter weather update for the evening

The forecast is rather unchanged from previous posts. The radar is currently lighting up across West and Middle TN, as expected, with much of the moisture trying to focus from around Nashville and points west. Our precip may stay on the drizzle/mist/sprinkles side of things for the night, which will make roads very hazardous overnight and in the morning. This lighter precip tonight may keep the ice amounts with round 1 on the lower side of things. Let’s hope. We’ll take any break we can get when it comes to ice.

Many of you have asked about travel toward Nashville and Knoxville tomorrow. First of all, Knoxville is looking fine for tomorrow. As long as you can get off this mountain, you should be fine. Nashville is looking awful. If you don’t have to travel west of the plateau tomorrow don’t. Conditions get progressively worse the farther west you go.

The current radar shows freezing rain and sleet developing to our west. I highlighted Cumberland, Fentress, and Putnam Counties for reference. Nashville is currently 23 degrees. Crossville is 28 degrees. The precip you see on the radar is just the leading edge of a massive storm system. Also, keep in mind that much of the precip on the plateau right now is too light to be picked up by radar, but it sure can make roads, steps, etc very slick. Be careful.

I’ll keep an eye on things and will be ready to give you a full update in the morning!

If you need more info, please see previous posts issued today, if you haven’t already seen them.

You all stay safe and warm! Let’s hope I have good news in the morning! This is one ice forecast I wouldn’t mind missing!

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  1. thanks so much for all the updates on this nasty storm. agree with you that it would be great to miss this!

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