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One last bit of useful info

I meant to share this info earlier and it slipped my mind. The road info could be helpful to some of you in the morning.

The first is for road conditions. TDOT Smartway is wonderful for monitoring road conditions. That site can be found at,traffic&position=35.94356937,-86.56432843,8&fbclid=IwAR1vrL-ZmaSegh5L98tgCiULHZLTXqU0_KHeCq4azSqMdaQ2_E-V0PWvGrE

The second is a site to keep up with power outages across the state. That site can be found at

Both sites are already getting interesting across West and Middle TN.

I also noticed this. The sleet is so heavy around the Nashville area that it’s causing the radar beam to do odd things. I circled an example of that on the radar image below. The sleet confuses the beam, to put it simply, and causes it to kind of go haywire for a minute.

Rest well.

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