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Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Blog for Mon., Feb. 23

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Rain moves out this morning. Afternoon sun?

Warmer days ahead

Unsettled to end the week

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

48-Hour WX

Five-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary

Today: Morning showers end, followed by decreasing clouds by afternoon. Breezy.

Tuesday: Sunny and nice.

Wednesday: Sunny, with clouds moving in by evening. An overnight shower possible.

Thursday: Partly to mostly cloudy.

Friday: Showers likely.

48-Hour Precip Forecast

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Discussion

For the most part, the weather is looking quiet this week. The end of the week is still a little questionable. A couple of models still want us to flirt with wintry precip Thursday night and Friday morning. I’m just not feeling it.

The chance for showers may increase for Wednesday night. Still, amounts with that activity will be on the lighter side of things.

One really needs to look beyond the 5-day to see anything very interesting. Guidance this morning suggests we may be in store for a very wet weekend and we may have to talk about some flooding potential in later forecasts. We’re currently below normal on rainfall and Ma Nature may try to get us caught up. Thunderstorms would be in that precip. As of now, guidance keeps the severe threat to our south. This is all many days away, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on all of that.

On This Day in Wx History

1936 – Although heat and dust prevailed in the spring and summer, the early months of 1936 brought record cold to parts of the country. Sioux Center, Iowa, reported 42 inches of snow on the ground, a state record.


25 Days until Spring!

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High: 89° at Falcon Lake, Texas 

Low: -16° at Estcourt Station & Clayton Lake, Maine

Today’s National Wx Hazards

An icy mix is expected today from western North Carolina to southern Pennsylvania. Heavier snow can be found across New England. Another area of an icy mix can be found around the Great Lakes, as well as across portions of the northern plains. Heavy snow can be found in the Rockies of the Pacific Northwest.

Tomorrow’s National Wx Hazards

The northern tier of the country is quite wintry, with accumulating snowfall found from the Northwest to Michigan. An icy mix threatens North Dakota.

 Weather Shots

I snapped this pic yesterday evening, as the clouds from last night’s storm system were just beginning to really stream in overhead.

NASA Nerdology 

The Mars Rover Perseverance took this picture of itself as it was lowering to the surface of Mars last Thursday. The strings you see are those of the parachute that allowed it to safely descend to the Red Planet. A pretty cool shot, right?

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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