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Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Blog for Sun., Mar 7


Sunny days continue

Next good rain chance a week away

Enjoy the quiet spring weather

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

48-Hour WX

Five-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary

Sunday: Mostly sunny and pleasant.

Monday – Wednesday: Sunny and warmer. Very nice.

Thursday: Partly cloudy and breezy.

48-Hour Precip Forecast

Meteorologist Mark’s 5-Day Wx Concerns

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Discussion

On This Day in Wx History

1863- The Fayetteville Observer reports on March 12 that, “We are informed that Shelbyville was visited by another hurricane on last Saturday [7th] night, which blew down the Baptist Church, the Depot, Telegraph Office, besides other buildings. One person is said to have been killed. We have no other particulars.”

Note that in those days tornadoes were often referred to as cyclones or hurricanes. I had an elderly neighbor who once told me of a hurricane that came through Rinnie when she was a little girl. I regret not getting more info from her on that before she passed away.


Solar/Lunar Data 

12 Days until Spring!

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High: 90° at Mecca, California 

Low: -15° at Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Today’s National Wx Hazards

Insert the sound of crickets. (ha) The only impactful weather is some accumulating snowfall in western New York state.

Tomorrow’s National Wx Hazards

A bit more snow for western New England, otherwise…….<crickets>.

 Sunday Story

Few things intrigue mankind more than outer space. Ever since our creation, we’ve wondered about what’s out there?  

Earlier in February, a rover landed on Mars that is the likes of which we have never seen before. The Perseverance Rover joins the four other rovers already on the Red Planet, though this rover is far more sophisticated than any of the others. 

The images from Perseverance are stunning and reveal a landscape that is so beautifully desolate. Buzz Aldrin once remarked that the surface of the Moon was that of “magnificent desolation.” I have the same thoughts when seeing the images from Mars.

The Perseverance rover has provided something more than just sights from the landscape. This rover brought something to mankind that has never been offered to us before. For the first time in human history, we were able to hear what a Martian breeze sounds like, thanks to the rover’s microphone! What a thrill! 

While it’s cool to hear that breeze, you may ask if there is a point to all this? I would answer with a resounding, “Absolutely!” Our lives here on Earth benefit immensely from the science that is used to study space. Programmable pacemakers, tools for cataract surgery, digital imaging used in mammograms, and automatic insulin pumps are just a very few of all the inventions that have been either directly or indirectly inspired by technology developed by NASA. 

The technology used to explore Mars will find its way to you sooner than later and in ways that may save your life.

When I see the sights and hear the sounds of the Martian landscape, I’m reminded of how beautiful our own Earth is, with all of its weather and beautiful life-filled landscapes. Let’s make sure we keep her safe, lest we end up a magnificent desolation ourselves. 

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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