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Special Weather Statement (2:45 pm)

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a special discussion for Middle Tennessee stating that they plan to issue a tornado watch by 4:00 pm.

One warm front is located across southern Middle Tennessee, with another one developing across Kentucky. What this means for us is winds changing direction with height, while surface temps continue to warm and become more humid.

The atmosphere continues to destabilize. ‘

One thing that could help us out is all the storm activity in Alabama right now. It’s far too early to know for sure if that will be the case. Sometimes, activity down there steals our atmosphere of energy. Let’s hope that helps.

I’ll update you again when that tornado watch is issued.

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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed and up to the minute forecasts. It’s really nice hearing weather from somebody in our area instead of trying to figure it out on national weather channels. Also the level of detail and explanation is very informative. Stay safe.

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