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Severe Wx Update (Issued 4:30 pm)

We continue to have showers and storms across the plateau this afternoon. That is great news! I know we tend to not like rain on Saturdays. but it sure beats dealing with bad storms. That’s not to say that any of these storms this afternoon and evening couldn’t be strong, but the greatest risk for severe weather this afternoon has certainly been dampened by the clouds and rain-cooled air.

I should note that more strong storm activity is about to move into Cumberland County. Cloud to ground lightning and torrential rainfall are occurring with this storm. Remember, when if you’re close enough to hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning. Stay away from windows, appliances, and plumbing. And never drive across flooded roadways.

Farther west, a severe t-storm near Jackson, TN, is being watched very closely. It’s been showing rotation. That will not affect us at all, but if you know anyone in southern West or southern Middle TN make sure they’re tracking the weather this evening. A special statement was just issued by the Strom Prediction Center, warning of robust thunderstorm development soon across southern West TN. Their temps are in the 70s.

More storms are developing back into Arkansas and we’ll track those, as they evolve into a line of strong to severe storms later this evening. Those will need to be watched closely as they approach our area much later tonight (after midnight), and I’ll be doing just that. The latest update from the Storm Prediction Center keeps us in the elevated risk for damaging winds and an isolated tornado with that line of storms later tonight. Hopefully, we’ll still be cool and stable when that line arrives.

So, stay weather aware but be so thankful for these clouds and rain showers.

I’ll have another update at 7:00, or as needed. More data is coming in and I should have a much better picture of the threat we face with the line coming later tonight.

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  1. Thank you so very much for the updates. You are greatly appreciated 🙂

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