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Severe Wx Update (Issued 8:35)

I just wanted to let you all know that the severe storm I was tracking from Nashville has weakened below severe limits as it approaches the plateau. It is, however, producing very heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, and gusty winds. I highlighted Cumberland County on the radar below, for reference. It will be moving in within the hour. Flash flood warnings have been issued where this storm has passed, with rainfall amounts of 2-3 inches falling in some places in the path of this storm.

I am still waiting on word of additional watches, etc. I’ll update again within the next hour or so, or as needed.

3 thoughts on “Severe Wx Update (Issued 8:35)

  1. This is not the storm coming from the Memphis area that will arrive around midnight, correct?

    1. That is correct. We will still track that line and it should get here between 1 and 3:00 a.m. I’ll try to keep that time updated, in case the line slows down or speeds up.

  2. Thank you.

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