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Severe WX Update (Issued at 6:45pm)

There have some intense storms around the area this afternoon. There was one earlier that was severe-warned for Clarkrange and Rinnie for one-inch hail. I didn’t get anything at my house but the sky sure looked ominous toward Fentress County. I noticed some rotation on radar but it wasn’t very strong at all. I did see some very ominous skies.

Look for more storms to continue to develop from time to time the rest of the evening. Thank goodness we didn’t get warmer today. These storms would have no doubt been much, much worse. We’ve dodged yet another bullet this afternoon.

Now, we wonder if we’ll be so lucky tonight. I’m beginning to have my doubts. If the warm front across southern Middle TN gets onto the plateau, we could be in for some rough storms after midnight.

Do not go to bed without that weather radio on. In fact, have multiple ways to get a warning. The line of storms that will come through later is developing now in Arkansas and it looks awful right now. It’s beginning as supercells, as these things often do. In time, these individual cells in Arkansas will form into a line and move this way.

I agree with the NWS in that tornado watches will likely be extended northward as we go into the night.

I’ll keep a close eye on things and I’ll let you know if/when a watch is issued. Remember, get your WARNINGS from the NWS and get information from me. Weather radio is ideal for warnings but it’s not perfect. Always have multiple ways to get a warning. The Red Cross Tornado App is a good app. Ken Weathers told me that WATE-TV Weather has a good weather app for our area too. If you know someone who will stay up tonight, have them call you if something is headed our way. Always have multiple ways to get a warning and be ready to do what you’re supposed to do to stay safe.

Just prepare to be weather-aware late into the night.

I’ll update again as needed.

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