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Weather Update (Issued 11:00 pm)

Storms continue to develop this evening across Middle and West TN. Some are severe but many of those warnings have been in places that were much warmer than we were today.

There is little doubt in my mind that the severe storm that just crossed Cumberland County would have been significantly worse if we had warmed well into the 60s today. Heaven help us if we had reached 70 or better!

Never the less, while our severe threat is low tonight, it’s not zero. If you choose to go on to bed, make sure that weather radio is on and working. If it has blasted a warning today then you know it’s working (ha). And then have another way to get a warning. An app….a friend or family member who is staying up and can call…anything that can act as a back-up plan, just in case.

The Storm Prediction Center is considering a watch for southern Middle TN but they haven’t mentioned us yet. Southern Middle TN is about 15 degrees warmer than us right now! They’re in the lower 70s even now. So, if you see big stuff happen down there just keep in mind they are significantly warmer than us tonight.

Temps will rise a bit before the main line gets here later. I am still concerned with those storms but I’m hoping the rain-cooled air of the plateau does a number on their strength. It now looks like that line may not get here until the 2:00-4:00 a.m. timeframe, but with plenty of showers and thunderstorms between now and then.

So, go to bed if you want BUT make sure you have a way to get a warning.

You know where I’ll be! (ha) Pepsi…check….chocolate..check…snacks…check.. I’m good to go!

I’ll update again, as needed.

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