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Weather Update (Issued 9:35)

The NWS Nashville just issued a statement saying that much of their focus is shifting to a flood threat across Middle Tennessee. They do state, however, that the severe threat is certainly not over. Many of us across the northern half of Middle TN have seen clouds and rain all day. That has really helped us out. One glance at the radar and I don’t see us getting a break from the rain for at least another 5 hours.

Storms this evening have been very efficient at producing lightning. but they’ve been inadequate in producing damaging winds or tornadoes. That is to be expected when you’re north of a warm front.

Incidentally, the temperature inversion from the warm air of a warm front riding up and over the cooler air here at the surface causes sound to be magnified, especially from thunder. It’s the way the sound waves travel through that medium. Thunder on the north side of a warm front is often very loud!

It is encouraging to see storms struggle to maintain severity as they’ve moved our way this evening.

Never the less, I’m finally seeing the supercells out west congeal into a line and that is the line I’ll be tracking. It is in the very beginning stages of development right now in the vicinity of the Mississippi River. That should put it here between 1-3:00 a.m.

The tornado watch for southern Middle TN has expired and the Storm Prediction Center hasn’t replaced it yet, though they really need to issue something for those folks quickly. There’s already one warned storm moving into an area without a watch. That’s never good. Hopefully, they’ll resolve this soon. I’m not sure if new watches will cover the entire plateau but I expect some of it will be covered by some type of watch. I’ll pass that along when it’s issued.

Please be careful if you’re out driving in this rain tonight and never cross a flooded road, especially at night!

I’ll update again within the hour, or as needed.

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