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Severe Wx Update (Issued at 2:45 )

Storms are finally closing in on us and will be moving across the plateau over the next hour. On the radar image below, I highlighted Cumberland County. This line of storms has torrential rainfall, lots of lightning, and some hail. Be prepared for the possibility of damaging wind gust. Also, with all that rain coming, this is no night to be on the roads. Keep in mind that a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for Cumberland and White counties (and counties south of us) until 8:00 a.m., though the watch will likely be cancelled for us as soon as this line goes through.

Remember, with our soils so saturated it won’t take much for trees to come down in strong winds.

If a warning is issued go to your safe place. Lowest level of the home, away from windows, helmets on, cushions/pillows for protection.

I’ll give the all-clear as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you for staying on top of this and sending out these updates

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