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Tuesday Night Weather Update

I just wanted to jump on here and let you know that rain, heavy at times, will be moving in later tonight. That rain will persist through much of the day Wednesday. While heavy rain is likely, severe storms are not. Don’t be surprised if you hear thunder tonight, though.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for tonight, which is the lowest of the five severe storm risk categories. The marginal risk was used because of the risk for a stronger wind gust in a stronger storm. That’s understandable, considering how gusty our winds already area. That risk for damaging winds is set at 5% by the SPC. I’ll make sure my weather radio is on, just in case a storm develops late tonight with a damaging wind gust threat.

Rainfall amounts should be in the 1-2 inch rain across much of the plateau, with a couple spots possibly picking up a little bit more.

It looks like winds will stay gusty through Thursday night. Those winds will make the colder temperatures feel much cooler than they are!

A flash flood watch is now in effect and it will be active through Wednesday morning. Be careful if you’re out and about in heavy rainfall.

Then, temps take a tumble in the afternoon. Be sure and take a jacket to work, because it will feel much cooler when you get off work than when you went in during the morning.

Frost is likely by Thursday morning and a hard freeze is likely Thursday night into Friday morning. Protect the tender vegetation if you can.

Light snow is expected in the Smokies Wednesday night, so head that way if you haven’t had your fill of snow yet. (ha)

I’ll end by letting you know that registration for another MM weather class for kids is now open! That class will be April 12th at 4:00 at TCAT. Registration is required and that form can be found at Let me know if you have any questions!

You all take care and I’ll have a full update in the morning!

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  1. Hi, Mark: I joined yesterday, thanks to friend Bill. Great weather info! Can I have an icon added to my taskbar? — Don Nelson

    1. So glad to have ya, Don! I’ll work on that icon!

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