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Friday Evening Storm Update (7:00 pm)

Those of you who have seen a radar lately know that the weather is getting rough out in West TN. Several severe thunderstorm warnings are currently active out that way. Thankfully, those storms are expected to weaken significantly as they move toward the Nashville area. By the time they get here, they’ll likely be just some scattered showers, at best.

As we get into the early morning hours of Saturday, more showers and storms are expected across parts of Middle TN (Nashville area). Any of those could be on the strong side. I think any severe threat from these would be west of the plateau.

As we get into the later morning hours and afternoon, a threat may evolve over our area. This is probably our greatest risk for severe storms (from around noon to 4:00 p.m.). This is when the plateau is in the marginal risk for severe storms, which includes a 2% chance for tornadoes.

I should note that widespread severe storms are not expected in our area either tonight or tomorrow. However, just one bad storm can make for a bad day if that one storm is over your house.

My severe weather concern continues to be on the low end of my scale.

The good news for us is that the worst of the severe storms are going to be across the Deep South. That will likely spare us of bad storms. Never the less, we’ll have enough ingredients in place for their to be a low-end threat for our Saturday.

Today has almost been like a summer day on radar. There’s not been anything fire off across Middle or East TN, but there is a storm over in the mountains. We are thankful that no storms fired off near us today because they could have been intense.

So, again, we’re not expecting anything overnight, but we may have some activity by the early morning hours. Never the less, I’ll keep an eye on this line of severe storms coming through West TN. That environment out there is much more favorable for the storms. At this hour, the humidity across West TN is about 60%. Our humidity here is about 35%. That’s a big difference! Since moisture in the air is fuel for storms, that really bodes well for us with this line of storms.

I’ll update once more in a couple hours to give one last update before any of you head off to bed.

You all have a nice evening. It sure is nice outside!

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